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Two weeks ago in Montana & Idaho.

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"Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something."

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"I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologize because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest."

Azra.T “Don’t Wait Three Days to Text First.” (via goodwinmacalister)

"Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living human read the book."

John Green. Bless your soul.



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Anonymous said:
Best prank you've ever pulled?

Mm. There’s two that are pretty close.

1) Back in the day, one of my friends just got dumped by his girlfriend before her and her family left for vacation, so right after they left, we egged their house. Not too creative, but those eggs just sat there for over a week. In the middle of July. Basically they cooked onto the house — it was rancid. 

2) This kid at my high school got a smart car and was super proud of it, but he never shut up about it and its a little, awkward car for a guy. At any rate, I got the cross country team at my school to pick up his car and move it through the black box of our theater onto the stage. We left a note in his parking spot and he had to find his car. We all waited in the theater for him to finish his scavenger hunt, and when he got there, he was pisssssseeeddd offfff. So worth it hahaha


French photographer Florian Beaudenon's series Instant Life offers a voyeuristic peek into the homes and lives of different men, women, and families, inviting viewers to inspect their belongings and behaviors from a bird’s-eye view.


a little bit of my FAVORITE THING TO DO

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